Strathmore Residential

Below is Louise and Wayne's stunning '70s built, 20s renovated home in Strathmore, Victoria. 
Paying homage to the original builders, they wanted to keep a similar 70s vibe but with a modern twist. 
With a lighting design provided by Solstice Lighting they were able to create the calm and pleasant space 
that allowed for comfortable living with plenty of options to change up the mood.   

'70s vibe maintained

When designing an architectural concept, we take into account exactly how the client envisions their space to be. In this case the client Louise wanted to maintain the 1970s feel from when the home was build. We took this into consideration while adding a modern twist of technology utilising timber feature lighting lit by LEDs.

Illumination Perfection

Although the main living spaces in the house did maintain the 1970s vibe, the bathrooms did get a substantial makeover with more of a modern design.

Featuring a subtle LED strip lighting feature below the mirror and a punchy linear LED system recessed into the ceiling above the mirror for direct and reflected illumination.

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