About Us

Realise visual comfort...

The majority of our lives is spent indoors, illuminated by artificial light. Why wouldn't you want perfection...
With a diverse range of lighting techniques and products, we work to maximise your visual experience no matter the space. 

Our grounding in LED technology, lighting design and technical ability spans more than a decade. 
The LED lighting revolution has helped build a diverse toolkit of products from a growing network of reliable suppliers. 

You might be the end user, installer, builder, interior designer, engineer, or architect. 
We strive to understand the project from your perspective and work to exceed your expectations.

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Simon Pitt, General Manager

Simon’s approach to life and lighting is attributed to the 1984 film Ghostbusters – Strike a good balance of heart, brains and mouth and the organisation stands a better chance of flourishing.

Hailing from Perth, Simon stumbled across a B.A. from the University of Western Australia, a place it’s often suggested he could have spent a bit less time if he tried. He maintains technician grade membership of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESANZ).

Satta van Daal, Design

Armed with a masters degree in Product Design from Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany), and a wide range of professional experiences encompassing graphic & web design, exhibition management & design, street art, event production & promotion, DJ and more, Satta somehow resembles a creative Swiss Army Knife.

Satta grew up in Germany and calls Australia home since 2003. When he’s not busy plotting world domination, he enjoys camping in nature, pumping bass heavy tunes through his subwoofers, a good game of back yard soccer with his son or building furniture in his workshop.

Corban Hill, 

Lighting Design & Sales Manager

Corban’s lighting journey began a decade ago when LED lighting uptake was motivated towards the retrofit market to save energy. With a background in renewable energy and sustainability he continues to illuminate spaces with intrigue and imagination. 

In his spare time he enjoys streaming his favourite low budget sci-fi productions online, obsessing over retro 70’s and 80’s BMX bikes and a round of golf when he feels like acting his age.

James Stapledon, Marketing

Motivated by technology, James' passion for lighting began with the uptake of LED technology with a clear focus on sustainability and creativity.

Armed with a Masters in Business Administration and a focus on marketing and financial impacts, James delivers technical quality across our sales channels and is generally fun to be around.