Northcote Residential

This outstanding renovation nestled in the heart of Northcote is truely one that inspires. With a delicate balance of form and function.
Through the space LED strips have been utilised to illuminate bench spaces, perfect for meal preparation.

Wall lights that fill the wall space with light but look seamless when switched off are used to create an eye catching feature,
while the scorched timber pendant overhanging the kitchen island creates an attractive appearance that provides direct illumination to the bench
and also creates an ambient glow throughout the space from an upwards ceiling reflected light.

Spaces you want to be in...

 After completing a lighting design consultation with Solstice Lighting, it was clear how the space would look and feel after the renovation. Modern, clean but also very functional. Owner David explains how he loves the renovated space and enjoying spending time within.

Distracting Beauty

This custom made timber cladded pendant is by far the most eye catching component of the kitchen space, utilising a Shou Sugi Ban (scorching treatment) creates an intriguing physical appearance that instantly attracts the eyes.

You can design your own timber linear pendant for your kitchen too.

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