Merri-bek City Band Room

Warm, inviting and looking great. That's Merri-bek City Band's revamped band room! 

Featuring our custom designed linear suspended LED lighting system with integrated remote control for brightness control of both up and down lighting
 and our beautiful handcrafted timber drum pendant lights and a colourful addition to the snare drum logo. 

Set  the Tone

When re-designing lighting systems for an existing space, there are several considerations we undertake during design. Typically that's FUNCTION. In this case the client mentioned that the space is multipurpose and needed a design that allowed for plenty of light when it's needed while also having the ability to dial it down for other events and functions. We utilised a dimmable system that has independent control of the direct light and ambient light to achieve this mix.

Timber Cladded Pendant

Hand-crafted in house, these custom designed suspended linear pendants utilise an up and a down illuminating area to provide powerful direct light or ceiling reflected ambient light, along with remotely controlled brightness adjustment to really dial in the mood for the space depending on who's using it.

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Hand-crafted Drum Pendant

Along with the timber cladded pendant Solstice also hand-crafted these beautiful timber drum pendants that feature again, direct downwards light but also ambient ceiling reflected up lighting that really provides the option to set the mood.

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