LED Strip Customisation Service

At Solstice Lighting we understand that configuring linear LED systems can be a daunting task.
That's why we're proud to offer a made to measure full customisation service.

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Customised for you

We're here to make life easy for you and your installer.
Whether you're lighting up products or a bridge, we'll configure and prepare everything for you.

Tested before delivery

Everything we prepare is fully tested before delivery to ensure everything is working as intended and there are no nasty surprises on the day of installation. 

Ready for installation

All prepared lengths, power supplies and control equipment are labelled according to the lighting plan and schedule, making it as easy as possible to install.

Our service includes:

  • Cut and prepare all types of linear LED strips to desired length 
  • Add cable length (tails) from LED strip to reach drivers or control gear
  • Cut and solder interconnecting cables for separate areas or corners
  • Cut and prepare mounting profiles for installation
  • Package and label all prepared strips for easy accountability
  • Surface preparation and application of LED strip to mounting profiles
  • Add waterproofing sleeves and connection for wet area applications
  • Solder join LED strips together for longer than reel length applications 
  • Driver and controller configuration checked for compatibility
blue and white floor tiles

Select Profile

Step 1. Select the required mounting profile for your installation area. 

Select Strip

Step 2. Select the appropriate LED strip types to illuminate the space.

Choose Lengths

Step 3. Select your desired lengths and we'll configure everything else for you.


That's it, once the order is ready we'll have it prepared ready to install.

Select your mounting profile

The first step is to select your mounting profile according to the application, we have a wide range of designs suited to virtually any application.

We have options available for suspended linear applications such as kitchen islands, hallways, shopping isles or boardrooms.
Recessed profiles for discrete cabinetry installation for book shelves, product displays or food preparation areas.
Ceiling and wall recessed profiles for mounting into plasterboard, timber or concrete to become to main light source.
Surface mounted profiles for attaching to virtually any material inside or out.

Select your LED strip type

Linear LED strip comes in a wide variety of colour, light output and waterproof rating for virtually every application. 

Commonly they come in standard indoor, IP65 rated for wet areas and IP67 for marine applications.
As standard we offer single colours of red, green, blue and white colour temperatures of 2300K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.
We also offer RGB for colour mixing up to thousands of colours, RGB+ white for when you need it functional and RGB+ white adjustable.
Choosing your LED strip will depend on your application and of course how much you want to spend - additional control gear is required for anything adjustable.

Complete the configuration sheet with a Solstice Lighting team member