Inner North Medical Clinic

As part of an expanding practice, this Medical Clinic in the Inner Northern suburb of Brunswick Victoria features a wide range of Solstice Lighting products, including suspended linear lighting systems that have been custom painted in gloss black, square LED panels delivering the punch and colour quality needed for medical appointments, a range of track lighting systems, LED uplighters and high powered LED downlight throughout.

Lighting for Medical Spaces 

Designing for medical spaces requires careful attention to a number of factors, one of the most important considerations is the colour rendering index of the lighting. 

Particularly in medical scenarios high quality LED products are utilised to ensure that the red spectrum is actually being emitted from the fixture, which is often not the case with low CRI products.

Subtle Elegance

The public spaces are elegantly lit with a combination of linear suspended LED pendants in the neutral 4000K colour temperature. This provides the areas with plenty of illumination for patients with vision impairments and a sleek low glare fixture that also looks stunning but subtle.

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Casual Waiting Space

Along with the panels and suspended linear lighting, we've also utilised a track lighting system in the waiting space to highlight the features of the waiting area, including the art work surrounding the space, foliage and reading areas.

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