HAVN Retail Store


HAVN opened their new flagship men’s clothing store on Gertrude Street in July of 2021. We designed a novel area lighting solution using a ceiling-mounted network of Axxonic’s Circ60 diffusion filters in a double-row arrangement, with bright steel tubular interconnects. The luminaires house high colour quality 4000K LED boards from Tridonic for general lighting and a single row of RGB colour mixing strip – a vibrant visual delight for evening passers-by.

The system appears to pierce bulkheads and terminates at a mirror-wall to the far end of the space, giving the impression of infinity. Pre-existing exposed copper piping is transformed, in concert with our luminescent tubes, into a meaningful component of the interior design.

Display niches are lit with Axxonic 95+CRI 6W LED strips housed in Slot mounting profile, an ideal combination for cabinetry and joinery projects where display lighting from a neatly concealed linear light source is the goal.

In change rooms, corner-mount diffusers at either side of the floor-to-ceiling mirror light the occupant directly and via the mirror. Steel end caps tie this element visually to the broader installation.

Suspended above the service counter is a 2.5m length of the same bright steel tubing with solid end caps. A laser-cut aperture at the underside allows light from powerful Axxonic rigid LED strips to flow in good volume to the stainless steel counter top. This bold custom piece, called Steely Span, will become a part of our general product offering into 2022 and beyond. [*]

This installation uses CASAMBI for control and automation.

[*Unless we get sued by either of or both Steely Dan and Steeleye Span.]

More info: https://havnstore.com/

Street Appeal

It's no secret that retail stores are designed to be well lit and super attractive, HAVN's retail store in Fitzroy has super street appeal by utilising our customised LED strip configurations to be on brand no matter the season. 

Running day and night the coloured lighting system allows full remote control of individually addressable lights to shift into thousands of colour mixtures.

Clean, Sexy Design

Who says retail is dead? 

Illuminated by these ultra clean tubular LED fixtures designed by Solstice creates visual lines throughout the retail space along with carefully lit products utilising discrete LED strip lights creates the perfect separation between the products being sold and the environment surrounding.