Good Times Pilates - Brunswick

Step into this serene space and witness how meticulously designed lighting transforms this Good Times Pilates Studio into a sanctuary of peace and wellness. 

From soft, diffused lighting to accentuate movement, to strategic placement of fixtures to enhance concentration and alignment, 
every aspect of our lighting design has been curated with user experience in mind.

Visual Comfort Everywhere

 When the owners of Good Times Pilates contacted us, the brief was simple, no direct lighting anywhere... and that's exactly what's been achieved through a series of hidden LED strip lighting and suspended linear lighting that reflects light off the ceiling instead of directly down to the working areas.

Subtle Hints

This whole work area is lit by our high colour quality LED strip light engines. Providing the perfect balance of illumination, warm colour temperature and high light quality.

They've even been installed around the mirror and within the wall recess so that you never see the light source but you get the pure ambient illumination.

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Common Areas

In addition to the beautiful working area, we've also provided some attractive direct lighting for the locker and change rooms which leaves customers feeling warm and relaxed after a Good Times Pilates session.

The twin spots provide adjust direct illumination to the areas that need it and the hanging single bulb pendants create an inviting experience.