CornerWorks  Hairdressing


Clean lines for clean cuts. It was a breeze working with this client to deliver a lighting solution suited to the clear aesthetic and practical requirements of this highly task-oriented work space. 

2400mm suspended ø120mm tubes positioned in a central grid provide abundant working light for hairdressers and to mirrors. Each length houses enough high-output rigid linear circuit boards for a delivered lumen package of ~7000lm each. 

35mm suspended profiles deliver direct light to to washing stations and front desk, while concealed LED strips highlight product displays throughout the salon.

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Getting Products Seen

Illumination for products was achieved by utilising our concealed LED strip lighting systems. Colour matched to the cabinetry and hidden away providing the products the highlighting they need without visibility of the light source. 

 Task Oriented Lighting

Combining the mixture of visually stunning lighting fixtures and enough illumination necessary for the intricate task of hair dressing provides this space exactly what this client needs.

Utilising our Circ 120 large circular tube lights, coupled with high output LED light engines, each putting out over 7000 lumens it's enough to fill the space with light.