Coburg Residential

Simon's California Bungalow renovation took a turn when it came to lighting design, 
forcing changes to the architectural design to allowed for discrete lighting that complements and adds function to the space.

This project is easily one of our favourite residential lighting designs, completed by lighting designer Corban Hill.

Simon's vision was clear, create a new family home that was beautiful, calm and fun... and like everything with building there
are so many choices, so it was a great experience for him to have someone narrow down very quickly the feel they were looking for.

The experience was great!

Simon's  experience with Corban Hill and Solstice Lighting was so good that he allowed us the opportunity to have a chat on camera about his experience and how we completely transformed his home into the beautiful, calm and fun space he envisioned.

Warm, Calm, Fun

Achieving the look and feel in your space takes careful consideration of many factors.
Of course lighting is one of them, it's not a simple process but with
a little help from Solstice Lighting, we can create the space you envision.

Start by booking in a lighting design – and we'll help the rest of the way.

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