Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Bodriggy Brewing Co, where passion and innovation converge in every delightful brew. 

Situated in the vibrant Abbotsford neighborhood of Melbourne, this craft brewery is a haven for beer enthusiasts and community alike. 
With a diverse selection of IPAs, pale ales, stouts, and lagers meticulously crafted on-site, Bodriggy offers an unforgettable tasting experience. 

Embracing its industrial warehouse backdrop, the brewery seamlessly blends artistry 
with sustainability, prioritising eco-conscious practices in its production and of course an incredible lighting design from Solstice Lighting.

Industrial x Sustainable

Once  an industrial factory space, now a sustainable brewing company with an integrated restaurant, bars and function areas. We've lit up the spaces with a range of LED strip lighting systems that provide the delicate, ambient atmosphere needed for any hospitality space.

Casambi Controlled

Utilising the latest in remotely controlled lighting systems, we've enabled Bodriggy Brewing Co. the flexibility to control their entire facade via smart phone app.

This allows staff to control the colours and brightness of the fascinating exterior allowing them to be in touch with local and global events, showing their true colours.