Bar Margaux


Bar Margaux is an art-deco style brasserie in the centre of Melbourne. It is never daytime down here and the luminescent bar is its grand visual centrepiece.

Horizontal shelves are 10mm plate glass and LED strips are positioned at the wall behind them firing outwards. Even at a very warm 2300K colour temperature, the light assumes a cool aquamarine tint as it filters through the 300mm depth. 

Good glass obscures little, not even 180 LEDs on a flexible printed circuit board, viewed through 300mm of its thickness. So, to negate the undesired dotting effect, we cut 10mm wide strips of 3mm opalescent perspex to be placed in between the glass and the LED strips.

The vertical elements are boxes of opalescent safety glass and, unlike the shelves, they do reveal the warmth of the 2300K strips operating behind them. A binary of vertical fire and horizontal ice is thus established.

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