Aluminium Mounting Profiles

Neat linear diffusers for all forms of LED strip and for a broad range of applications. The channel component is made from extruded aluminium and given a clear/natural anodised finish. The diffuser material is typically PMMA plastic of varying translucency. The list of functions can be broadly categorised as:

Practical – House the LED strip, keep it clean and protected from external elements. Provide a clean and even surface for the adhesive backed LED strip.

Optical – Scatter/diffuse the light produced by LED strips to create a uniform soft-edged light pattern.

Aesthetic – Connects the LED strip with surrounding architecture.

We encourage you to browse our range – While we do carry some of the more common profiles, we have developed rigid selection and design criteria based on our custom engineered LED strips. Technical data sheets are provided and we are at hand to advise you where necessary.