What we do at Solstice Lighting.

Help realise superior visual comfort

Look about you and consider how important visual experience is to your well-being. Lighting is a common denominator here. We can make surface colours come to life as you please, or arrange patterns light and shadow . Or perhaps you need to achieve certain lighting levels, in which case we’ll calculate the project lighting criteria to ensure compliance.

Offer the highest quality lighting equipment at the best possible price

Our grounding in LED technology, luminaire design, and sales spans the past 7 years. We have sifted through the best and the worst of the LED lighting revolution to build a diverse toolkit of products from a growing network of reliable suppliers.

See your project from a multitude of stakeholder perspectives

You are end user, installer, builder, interior designer, engineer, architect. We try to understand the project from your perspective. This approach seeks the optimum between what is desired, demanded and technically possible.

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